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Dandelions Don't Need to Roar
This poetry book is about one woman, Charlotte Kaul, a hard working fun loving, and whimsical soul.
Mom's Kitchen

Cornbread and beans, fried potatoes,
biscuits and gravy, fried green tomatoes,
okra, squash and candied yams,
sweet potatoe pie, nothing from a can,
pork chops, grits and black-eyed peas,
iron-skillet fried, if you please.
Mom's kitchen a place for friends
from far away or around the bend;
a place for stories and memories to share
and food for thought on love and care.

We take country rides just for fun,
we plow through the rain, we follow the sun.
the roads are narrow with twists and turns,
around every bend, there's something to learn.
In the kitchen we laugh and sip tea,
we talk about life with no recipes,
no cookbook, directions or precise measures,
instead surprises, gifts and special treasures.
You clip the roses, garden and read your books,
I watch and write and give nature a second look.
We groom the dogs, pet the cats,
putter around doing this or that,
but on our journey we keep a watchful eye,
for the blessings in life that don't fall from the sky.
They are offered before us with very good reason,
no special minute, hour or season.
The cherished moments, love, and discoveries we share,
inspire me to give, to love, and to care,
and to pass love along to the next passerby,
on our road to life's adventures, just you and I.
Dandelions Don't Need to Roar

You walked with me, you held my hand;
we laughed and talked, we kicked the sand.
You taught me about the dandelion, to wish and blow;
my dreams will come true and then seeds I will sow,
and the seeds that I sow will come back in spring,
and if I am silent, I'll hear them sing.
They'll sing of love and peace, and doing good,
of doing what's right, and not what I should.
Speak from the heart and open every door.
Remember from the heart... Dandelions don't need to roar.
Patience is virtue not often found,
silence speaks loudly, no need for sound.
Dreams not forgotten will come true.
I learned about life on my walks with you,
and as you walk life's journey, your seeds will soar,
I'll pass the word... Dandelions don't need to roar!
Ponderings of an Appalachian Momma

Outside toilet, two room shanty,
kids in the house, way too many.
Days spent worrying how to get by,
nights left wondering how and why.
With the why unanswered and the how unknown,
She waters and weeds, makes way for flowers,
driven by love and her inner power.
And in her faith flowers come,
with thorns, blossom, and vines that run.
The soil is hard, the thorns prick, and mangled vines,
the flowers and the fruits?  They're hard to find.
Still, a garden of hope and children to help till,
nourished with knowledge, care, and goodwill.
Life's her garden, and the answer's in the knowing,
that there will be others to keep on sowing.

Big house now,
she ponders... how did I do it, how did I get through it,
how did I survive , and why?
She ponders further, smiles and reflects back,
Why... I had children to raise in that shack.
A new awareness, yet the love not new,
Sometimes, you just have to do what you have to do.